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Finding Money for College and Trade School

Paying for college - strategies and tips
Adventures in Education

Astronaut Scholarship for STEM Students
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

Clark Howard's 12 best websites to find a college scholarship

Tons of information on understanding college loans
College Loans 101

Search for scholarships
College Toolkit

Scholarships, financial aid and scholarships

The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid

Scholarship Search Engine

Vocational Scholarships

Find free money for college
Scholarship Experts

The Internet's leading source for finding scholarship money

Free info from the U.S. Department of Education on finding federal student aid
Federal Student Aid on the Web

Find money for postsecondary education through part-time employment
U.S. Department of Education's Federal Work-Study Program

Student Loan Options
Sallie Mae

A comprehensive review of the leading scholarship search services

Dept. of Education's Federal Student Aid Grant and Scholarship Money for College
Federal Student Aid

Nursing scholarships
Nursing Explorer

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