Ever wondered what you might
want to do for the rest of your life?

Have you thought about your “dream” job? Do you have any idea what it takes to get there? Are you headed in the right direction? From doctors, lawyers and veterinarians to fashion designers, sports trainers and music therapists to college and professional coaches, Real Life 101 takes you “on the job” so you can see for yourself why these professionals love what they do. Learn about jobs you might not know even existed in this half-hour of thought-provoking, eye-opening fun and entertainment!

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This week on Real Life 101

Episode #304  | Week of April 22, 2019

We’ve got a great show lined up for you today as we take another look at some of our favorite interviews from last season. We’ll give you an encore of Shawn’s interview with an acoustical engineer. She’ll talk about how she uses tools . . . plus her math and physics skills – to control the sound in buildings. Plus, we’ll bring back Helena’s visit with a home health aide and learn how she assists her elderly clients with their daily needs.  She makes quite a difference in their lives! Drones are becoming more popular every day. So we’re going to show you Shawn’s interview with a drone pilot and see how unmanned aerial vehicles are replacing helicopters and making it much simpler to shoot aerial footage for TV shows. (repeat)

Next week on Real Life 101

Episode #305  | Week of April 29, 2019

Today, we’re going to revisit some of the most popular interviews from last season! When we watch the local news, most people want to see the weather forecast so they can prepare for their day.  We’ll revisit a TV station where Shawn met with a meteorologist and learned how he predicts the weather for the day and week ahead. Then we’ll take you back to the castle where Helena met a modern day medieval knight.  He has a job right out of the Middle ages, jousting and entertaining audiences! Imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t hear or if you were dizzy all the time.   We’ll take a look back at Shawn’s visit with an audiologist who shared with him how she tests for and treats both hearing and balance disorders. (repeat)

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